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New Clear Power

New Clear Power

Track Listing

  1. Placego
  2. Joedan da Don
  3. TAU
  4. Smack on a Plastic Spoon
  5. Little Man
  6. Drops
  7. Vandullize
  8. Pot Noodle Music
  9. Peaking
  10. Concept

More Info


Youthoracle rose to underground notoriety on the UK rap battle circuit early in the decade; fast ascending the league tables to win Don’t Flop’s Best Newcomer award in 2012.

After almost five years on the scene, Youthoracle retired from battling earlier this year to focus on writing and recording music. From the ashes of his rap battle legacy, New Clear Power has been born; the long-awaited debut album.

Youthoracle has recruited an array of film directors to capture the essence of the album on screen. Every track has an accompanying music video ranging in style from hilarious comedy to disgusting darkness. This is the first time a UK rapper has made a visual album!

From November 1st 2016, Youthoracle’s music videos will begin appearing online periodically until the release of New Clear Power early in 2017. Follow @Youthoracle on social media to follow the journey.

The album can now be previewed and pre-ordered from